Take Control of Your Pipeline

Enable data teams to easily orchestrate in-warehouse SQL transformations with an integrated end-to-end tool.

Easy to Use

Designed with analysts in mind, Fivetran Transformations takes advantage of data analysts’ language of choice: SQL.


Trigger SQL transformations whenever new data hits the warehouse or on a schedule. No engineering required.


Fivetran data connectors are prebuilt and ready to use. After a five-minute setup, data starts populating the cloud data warehouse of your choice.

What’s included

  • SQL language support
  • Time scheduling and data triggering
  • Support for leading data warehouses
  • Dashboard and email alert notifications
  • Analytic Templates
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“Fivetran Transformations is an extremely approachable way for someone to add a transformation layer to their data pipeline. With Fivetran doing the ELT, all of our raw data stays in the warehouse untouched. It allows us to keep reports up to date and take daily snapshots of critical data, such as our sales pipeline, so we can understand the state of today and tomorrow through a really simple transformation.”
Javid Igani
Manager of Internal Solutions at Skuid

Example Resources

We know that starting from scratch can be tough and figuring out what you need could use some inspiration. That's why our team gathered examples of key transformations that can be accomplished with SQL.

Clean data with Fivetran Transformations

Fivetran Transformations makes cleaning straightforward. Check out the following methods.

Pre-built Transformations: Looker Block for Netsuite

We've done most of the work for you. Our Looker Block for NetSuite gets your analytics team up and running immediately. Built on Fivetran schemas, the block works as is, or you can add to and edit it for additional metrics.

Analytic Templates for Tableau

NetSuite users can get started even faster with our pre-built transformations and Tableau Workbook built on Fivetran schemas. Use the workbook as is or customize it to your specific needs.

Start analyzing your data
in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.
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