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1B rows /mo
All Essential features plus:
All Business features plus:
Data replication
4B rows /mo
10B rows /mo
Incremental Updates
Load to multiple warehouses
Extendable subsidiary licensing
Automatic schema migrations
Option to purchase staging connectors
API Access
Documented & normalized schemas
Onboarding support (to prevent wrapping)
Logging service integration
End-to-end data encryption
Data delivery SLA
VPN tunneling
CSV uploads
Reverse SSH Tunnel
Custom role permissions
1-hour support response time
Unlimited users
SAML support
GDPR essentials
Uptime SLA
Dedicated Account Manager and Support

Powered by Fivetran Starter

For organizations that need to power embedded analytic products accessed by customers and/or subsidiaries.

Powered by Fivetran Pro

Seamlessly deliver data to embedded analytic products accessed by customers and/or subsidiaries.
License to support subsidiaries and customers
Everything in PBF Starter plus:
Load to multiple warehouses
20B rows /mo
10B rows /mo
24-hour data delivery SLA
Logging service export integration
1-hour initial response time
SAML support
API Access
Logging service export integration
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Essential Starter Business Pro Enterprise
Data Replication Features
Unlimited pipeline users
Add as many users as you want to your account or warehouse to enable more members from your organization to add or manage new connectors.
CSV uploads
Upload a spreadsheet, in CSV format, to your data warehouse directly through your browser on Fivetran's dashboard.
Orchestrate in-warehouse transformations using a trigger or time-based schedule to automatically update transformation tables whenever new data is loaded into the warehouse.
Documented & normalized schemas
Defined schemas and well-documented ERDs help your data teams to understand the data we’re delivering. We transform and normalize schemas from denormalized APIs, so your data is immediately queryable and ready for analytics.
Automatic schema migration
We adjust our schemas automatically to adjust to source API changes. You can see the changes we’re making everyday as a part of our changelog.
Incremental updates
Instead of reloading full data dumps from APIs and databases, we incrementally update all your data sources so you always have the freshest data with the lowest cost to load to your warehouse.
Resync connector & table
Connector re-sync completely overwrites the data in your warehouse with new data from your source. Table re-sync lets you overwrite the data in a specific table, so you can fix data integrity issues in selected tables without re-syncing the entire connector.
Column blocking
Prevent certain columns from replicating to your warehouse to help you comply with GDPR.
Column hashing
Encrypt certain columns with a unique salt and hash to enable GDPR compliance while maintaining unique identifiers for analytical purposes.
User-defined sync frequency
Customize the frequency with which we schedule your incremental sync between every 5 minutes and every 24 hours.
1 hour 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes
Free historical data loads
Sync all the data from your source system from the beginning of time to today.
Connector monitoring and notifications
Fivetran provides up to date dashboard access to understanding your sync history for each connector and emails to notify you of any delays.
Option to run Fivetran in US or EU
Fivetran operates servers based on regions provided from GCS and AWS. Customers have the option of choosing EU-based servers (Belgium and Frankfurt) so that data never leaves the EU.
Logging service export integration
Fivetran writes major operations performed on each of your connectors as structured log events and exports to AWS CloudWatch, Google Stackdriver, and Azure Log Analytics. You can connect your logging service in the Fivetran Dashboard.
Volume per month
The maximum total amount of data that a user can sync using Fivetran connectors, across all the connectors (UPSERTS and NEW rows).
1B 10B 4B 20B 10B
Update Process Features
Live mode
A live replication of what your source system says today, without a history of changes.
History mode (coming soon!)
A complete history of changes within your source system’s slowly changing dimensions (a record of every version of every row) so that you can perform analysis based on what things looked like at a certain point in time.
Programmatic Control Features
Add, delete and edit users
Perform key management actions such as creating and managing new users using our API.
Add, delete and edit connectors
Perform key management actions such as creating and managing connectors using our API.
Single sign-on (SSO)
Fivetran supports SAML authentication for user provisioning and officially supports Okta, OneLogin, and PingOne identity providers.
Account enforced SSO
Only allow users to login via your chosen SSO
Roles and permissions
Allows a top-level administrator — called an “Owner” — to assign roles with permission limitations.
End-to-end data encryption
All transmissions are encrypted using industry best practices (at present, TLS 1.2+).
Reverse SSH tunnel
If you are unable to provide direct port access to your instance, Fivetran provides the ability to set up a Reverse SSH where your server initiates the connection to the Fivetran tunnel server via a proxy server.
VPN tunneling
If you require a VPN tunnel for connecting to a source system, Fivetran can configure the connection.
Custom roles
In addition to standard roles, the account Owner can also designate exactly which data sources a role can create, edit or delete.
Systems uptime SLA
99.9% Guaranteed availability of our core services including our App Server, Web Application, and API.
24-hour data delivery SLA
We will pay you back in time if your data is delayed for 24 hours past expected delivery.
12-hour data delivery SLA (option to purchase)
We will pay you back in time if your data is delayed for 12 hours past expected delivery.
Pay per connection
License extends to multiple company entities data loaded
Load data for your subsidiary companies, or on behalf of your customers.
Subsidiary Only
Dedicated account manager
24/7 email support
1-hour initial response time
Warehouse Features
Load to multiple warehouses
Fivetran supports multiple warehouses per Fivetran account. Each warehouse has separate connectors, users and access permissions. Common use cases for multiple warehouses are: maintaining a second "testing" warehouse for BI experimentation, isolating users from having access to other connectors, and trialing another type of data warehouse temporarily.
Test target warehouses
A warehouse dedicated to testing so that you can make sure your connectors and data are working as expected before making changes to your production analytics.
Test connectors (option for purchase)
Add testing connectors to validate that your connectors are working as expected at a discounted rate.
Pay per connection Pay per connection Pay per connection

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Billing and Trial FAQ

How long can I trial Fivetran?

We offer a risk-free trial experience where you can test connectors and platform features at no cost for up to 14-days.

What if I need more time to trial Fivetran?

If you need more time to evaluate or to simply pause the account and timer on your trial during your evaluation, please reach out to your designated product specialist or reach out to us here and we will be able to help you.

What are my billing options?

Fivetran offers annual subscriptions paid via invoice.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Plans can always be upgraded. Contact your account manager to learn more.

What if I have more questions?

Head on over to our product FAQ page, documentation, or get in touch with a product specialist.

Do you offer non-profit pricing?

Yes! At Fivetran we believe non-profits should have access to the best tools available. Contact us to learn more about our special rates for non-profits.

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