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$1.00 / Credit
  • Transformations
  • SSO
  • 1 hour minimum sync frequency
$1.50 / Credit
All features in Starter plus:
  • Database Sources
  • Transformations Version Control
  • API Access
  • SSH Tunnels
  • System Uptime SLA
  • 15-minute minimum sync frequency
$2.00 / Credit
All features in Standard plus:
  • External Logs
  • Data Delivery SLA
  • 1h Support Response Time
  • Custom Roles
  • VPN Tunnels
  • Multiple Subsidiaries
  • 5-minute minimum sync frequency
Credits that scale with your growth. Use More. Pay Less
Consume credits based on total monthly active rows (MAR) across your entire account. The more you use, the less you pay
Fivetran cost per credit
Update rows as often as you’d like. Go ahead. We won’t mind.
We charge based on Monthly Active Rows. Monthly Active Rows are the number of unique primary keys passed through Fivetran in a month. This means you do not pay for updates to the same row in a single month, unlike other row-based pricing models. Our approach results in 10-100x fewer charged rows per month. We also do not charge for the initial historical sync.

How do I calculate monthly active rows?

Rows at Rest
Rows at rest is the total number of rows in the data source.
Start by totalling rows at rest from all data sources you would like to integrate. 1M
Update Rate
Update rate is the percent of primary keys in the source that are updated or added at least once in a single month.
Estimate the percent your data changes on a monthly basis. This is generally 10-20% of rows at rest. 10%
Monthly Active Rows
Monthly active rows are the basis of Fivetran pricing and defined as the number of distinct primary keys synced during a monthly period.
This will give you your total monthly active rows which are converted to credits in the Fivetran consumption table. 100K

Monthly active rows are not the same as monthly synced rows...

Multiple Updates to a Row
A single row, defined by a unique primary key, can be updated multiple times in a single month.
Rows will undergo updates several times over the course of a month. Each update counts as a synced row. 5x
Update Waste
Waste happens when a primary key that wasn't actually updated is synced (e.g. when your replicate a table using snapshots).
Capturing updates is hard and many often resort to a snapshot approach, syncing all rows every time. 20x
Total Synced Rows
Total synced rows is the number of rows passing through your data pipeline in one month.
All of this adds up to be significantly more volume than should be required. 10M

Billing and Trial FAQ

How long can I trial Fivetran?

We offer a risk-free trial experience where you can test connectors and platform features at no cost for up to 14-days.

What if I need more time to trial Fivetran?

If you need more time to evaluate or to simply pause the account and timer on your trial during your evaluation, please reach out to your designated product specialist or reach out to us here and we will be able to help you.

What are my billing options?

Fivetran offers annual subscriptions paid via invoice.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Plans can always be upgraded. Contact your account manager to learn more.

What if I have more questions?

Head on over to our product FAQ page, documentation, or get in touch with a product specialist.

Do you offer non-profit pricing?

Yes! At Fivetran we believe non-profits should have access to the best tools available. Contact us to learn more about our special rates for non-profits.

Where can I find more information on Fivetran SLAs

All information on our uptime and data delivery SLAs can be found here

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