Flexible pricing for every business.

Pay only for the rows you consume.

Fivetran's consumption-based price model
scales with your needs

$1.00 / Credit

Jumpstart your data initiatives with access to essential connectors to help you centralize data

  • Pre-built automated connectors to cloud apps, files, and more
  • Analytic-ready schemas for SaaS applications
  • SQL-based Transformations
  • Enterprise security integration with Single Sign On (SSO)
  • 1-hour maximum sync frequency
  • 24x7 global support
$1.50 / Credit

Control your business logic and automate integrations across all of your data sources with Fivetran

All features in Starter plus:
  • Automated connectors for Database sources
  • API Access for programmatic management and access of Fivetran
  • Robust encryption with SSH Tunnels
  • SLA for system uptime
  • 15-minute maximum sync frequency
$2.00 / Credit

Solve complex business requirements with advanced security, custom controls, increased speed & more

All features in Standard plus:
  • External Logs to create notifications in your preferred tool
  • SLA for data delivery
  • Control or expand users with custom roles
  • VPN Tunnels for advanced security requirements
  • Support for multiple company or team subsidiaries
  • 5-minute maximum sync frequency
  • 1 hour support response time

Only pay for data that is new or changed in any month

Use more, pay less per row

A single, simple price for all your connectors

Free for initial historical syncs

Integrate all your data in minutes, not months

Find out how Fivetran makes it easy to keep your data flowing with an automated data integration platform.

Estimating Monthly Active Rows

Want to estimate how many Monthly Active Rows you will need? Use the below formula to help estimate what you need.

Setup time with a product specialist → mar

Rows at Rest Defined as the total number of rows in a given data source

Go into your data source or data warehouse and total up the number of rows at rest

Rows Updated Defined as a percentage of rows at rest are updated regularly within a single month

This is generally 10-20% of rows at rest.

Monthly Active Rows Monthly active rows are the basis of Fivetran pricing and defined as the number of distinct primary keys synced during a monthly period

The resulting number will give you your total monthly active rows.

Straightforward pricing, designed to scale

Always know what you pay

Usage of Fivetran is charged on the basis of credits. A credit is exchanged for MARs. The conversion rate of MARs to credits is determined by the consumption table.

Increase usage, decreasing cost

As Monthly Active Rows data increases, due to added connectors or an uptick in application activity, the per row credit consumption decreases logarithmically. This results in a better discount when more rows are passed through Fivetran.

“I’ve worked with data engineering teams that didn’t have Fivetran, and it took a lot of work to connect to external APIs, maintain the connectors, and handle API changes. With Fivetran, we centralized our data in our warehouse quickly, giving the business access to the data right off the bat.”
Michael Li
Data Scientist at Strava

Billing and Trial FAQ

How long can I trial Fivetran?

We offer a risk-free trial experience where you can test connectors and platform features at no cost for up to 14-days.

What if I need more time to trial Fivetran?

If you need more time to evaluate or to simply pause the account and timer on your trial during your evaluation, please reach out to your designated product specialist or reach out to us here and we will be able to help you.

What are my billing options?

Fivetran offers monthly and annual subscriptions either paid via invoice or through credit card.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Plans can always be upgraded. If you're on a credit card subscription, you can do this directly in your billing page. Otherwise, please contact your account manager.

What if I have more questions?

Head on over to our product FAQ page, documentation, or get in touch with a product specialist.

Do you offer non-profit pricing?

Yes! At Fivetran we believe non-profits should have access to the best tools available. Contact us to learn more about our special rates for non-profits. If you're using a credit card to purchase, please reach out first to sales@fivetran.com before using your credit card for billing so that we can ensure you are getting the correct rate.

Where can I find more information on Fivetran SLAs?

All information on our uptime and data delivery SLAs can be found here

Where can I find the service consumption table?

The consumption table can always be found here: https://fivetran.com/creditconsumption

Start analyzing your data
in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.
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