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Data security is our highest priority

Data Privacy, Security & Compliance

Security and compliance is a cornerstone of our fully managed data integration philosophy. Fivetran guards customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII) through a rigorous combination of features, capabilities and processes.

“For us, it's important to hash columns in our data warehouse. In the past, we could only hash the whole table, but now we can select the specific columns and ensure data security.”

Laura Vaida

Data Analyst

Keller Sports

Rigorous security for all Fivetran plans

A dedicated security team

Drives rigorous internal processes and regulatory certifications.


Detailed user action logging. Fivetran never accesses your data unless you authorize it through explicit grants.

  • SSO & user-based roles and permissions
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Connection options for reverse SSH tunnels, VPN tunnels and more

Protect sensitive information with blocking & hashing

Column masking

Ensure that only the data you want is replicated. You have the option to block particular fields or hash them if you’d like the data in your destination, but not in cleartext. Along the way, data is encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2+ and at rest with AES 256-bit encryption keys.

Track what’s done with your data

Logging and auditability

We offer details on every step of the process from extract to load, which can be found in the UI or exported to your analytics destination or log monitoring tool of choice for auditing. For premium plans, forward events to external log.

Authorize data according to profiles

Role-based access control

Standard role-based access control includes SSO/SAML to configure single sign-on using Okta, OneLogin, PingOne, Azure AD or Google Workspace. Custom roles, available in premium plans, ensure that integrations and functionality can only be accessed by the appropriate persons.

Data is processed, not persisted

No data retention

Fivetran only retains data as long as is needed to successfully sync your data. In the majority of cases, data is retained for less than 24 hours.

Business Critical Plan

Advanced security for highly sensitive data

The most robust features, capabilities and certifications

  • Customer-managed keys
  • Private networking (AWS PrivateLink)
  • Data residency: choice of cloud geography and region
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

The Most Reliable and Secure Cloud Data Integration Platform

Our highest level of data protection to support the needs of companies with extremely sensitive data

“The new Business Critical Fivetran offering is the perfect complement to our own Business Critical edition, allowing enterprises with extremely sensitive data to create secure, automated data pipelines into Snowflake.”

Christian Kleinerman

Senior Vice President of Product


Industry Leading Compliance

Compliance for worldwide and regional regulations

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