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Why Fivetran
Why Fivetran

Reliable access to analysis-ready data

Allow your analysts to query any data set at any time. Fivetran automated data integration is built on a fully managed ELT architecture that delivers zero-maintenance pipelines and ready-to-query schemas.

Fully managed data pipelines for ELT


Fivetran creates and maintains a perfect replica of your data, with minimal user configuration.


Idempotent core architecture makes Fivetran resilient to failure and data duplication while minimizing computational costs.


Our engineers update Fivetran connectors as source APIs and schemas change, eliminating user maintenance and ensuring 99.9% uptime.

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Extract data from any source

As your data sources grow, so does your management burden. Fivetran offers 150+ fully managed, automated connectors for databases, applications, events, files and functions.

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Your raw data automatically normalized

Fivetran extensively researches and establishes partnerships with each data source. That allows us to automatically normalize your data and prepare it for analysis.

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Transform your data with SQL

Adding manual ETL software requires new skills and creates bottlenecks for analysts. Fivetran supports SQL-based, in-warehouse transformations, so your team can fully leverage modern scalable compute.

Log and monitor the entire pipeline

Fivetran captures sync statistics, status changes and user activities for each connector, and makes that data readily accessible.

Support for third-party logging services

Securely integrate data from source to destination

Fivetran protects sensitive data while offering the auditing, control and regulatory compliance modern businesses need.

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Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.