Fivetran is the smartest way to
replicate data into your warehouse

We’ve built the only zero-maintenance data pipeline, turning months of on-going development into a 5-minute setup. Our connectors bring data from applications and databases into one central location so that analysts can unlock profound insights about their business.

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Connector methodology

Standardized base tables created and maintained for you by Fivetran.

We help organizations avoid complex and tangled code by standardizing your base tables.  Analysts will know what to expect and no longer need to rely on engineering to help them troubleshoot and translate data. 

With standardized connectors, use views to do your transformations and aggregations as it’s needed. By having access to everything rather than aggregated cubes, analysts can do a more comprehensive analysis. This also means analysts can use the languages and tools they’re familiar with, such as SQL, instead of having to learn complicated programming languages.

  • Up-to-date tables that mirror your source structure.
  • No mapping required. Schemas changes adjusted automatically.
  • Zero configuration, consistent data treatment.
  • Analysts do all their work in the warehouse instead of the pipeline.
  • Replicate everything so analysts have full ownership and control over their data.
  • Stop building custom pipelines. Run any query at any time for all your business needs.

ETL and data warehousing paradigm shift

Your fully managed pipeline

Accelerate your ability to uncover data insights. Remove the strain on engineering.

more bandwidth

More Bandwidth

Fivetran automates the majority of your pipeline for you, reducing overhead. Focus on growing your business instead of data validation and maintenance.

avoid scope creep

Avoid scope creep

Companies today use more applications than ever before. Building your own ETL stack is a bigger task than it used to be and continues to grow.

zero maintenance

Zero Maintenance

The most time consuming and difficult part of handling your own connectors is fixing leaks and reacting to your source schema changes. Let us worry about this.

dots dots

“Fivetran extracts and loads our ERP and CRM data into our data warehouse in minutes, allowing our team to stay focused on data instead of maintenance.”

zero configuration

zero configuration required

Set up takes 5 minutes and we mean it. All you need to do is authenticate your data sources and warehouse.

Fivetran performs a full historical sync and then incrementally updates as often as you need. From there we take care of maintenance. If anything goes wrong with your sync, we fix it. Fivetran is a fully managed service.

Built for analysts, loved
by engineers

  • Replicate everything. Analysts have full ownership over their data.
  • Normalized schema for reducing duplications and accurate reporting.
  • No mapping required. Schemas changes adjusted automatically.
  • Change data capture. Query any state of your data including deletes.
  • Documented ERDs. Standardized tables to avoid spaghetti code.
  • Incremental updates. Reduce load on your source systems and warehouse.
  • Type change hierarchy. We build connectors to adapt to your source.
  • Real-time monitoring. Metadata tables delivered to your warehouse.

Documented ERDS

Every application connector has an entity relationship diagram so you know what tables and columns to expect in your warehouse.


Built to Scale

Fivetran is built to handle billions of rows of data and we don’t impose data limits. Your pipeline should grow with your business.


enterprise security

Fivetran complies with HIPAA and SOC2 I security rules. We also encrypt your data end-to-end and use OAuth.


World-class support

Our technical support works around the clock to answer your questions about data strategy and proactively monitor your connections.

Explore connector schemas

See technical documentation and entity relationship diagrams so you know what to expect in your warehouse.

Connectors for every team and application

Streamline your data for a comprehensive view across business units and source endpoints.

Centralize your data in minutes, not months.