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How to Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Culture That Drives Results
How to Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Culture That Drives Results

How to Foster a Diverse and Inclusive Culture That Drives Results

D&I takes commitment from every part of an organization, but as Fivetran and many other tech firms have discovered, it’s well worth it.

By Alison McCabe, February 12, 2020

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." – Peter Drucker

As the tech sector continues to expand and mature, a growing number of organizations are looking to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, or D&I. Their motivations are practical as well as altruistic. According to a recent survey by Glassdoor, 67% of job seekers say workplace diversity is an important factor when choosing among prospective employers. At the same time, new research suggests that diverse teams are smarter and diverse companies have healthier bottom lines.

So what are organizations doing to foster a D&I culture and attract top talent? Here’s a look at how some top tech companies are building D&I into their core values.

Facebook has been one of the industry leaders in implementing D&I. One successful initiative is its Diverse Slate Approach (DSA) to the interview process. DSA requires hiring managers and teams to consider underrepresented talent during each interview round. Since 2015, Facebook has seen a steady increase in its hiring rate for underrepresented groups across all functions, without a major impact on the time it takes to fill positions.

Looker is another tech firm actively fostering a D&I culture. It recently rolled out its “Looker Groups” initiative, which aims to create opportunities for community building between identity groups and deepen existing relationships between Looker communities.

Here at Fivetran, creating a diverse and inclusive culture is paramount, and D&I initiatives enjoy support throughout the company. In fact, inclusion is one of our six core values. We currently have two employee resource groups (ERGs), Fivetran Women and Community Engagement, and we’re about to launch 7ERG for LGBTQIA Fivetranners. ERGs help create a more diverse and inclusive organization — and they’ve also helped us earn a five-star rating on Glassdoor.

Although companies employ a range of D&I strategies, it’s always a challenge to maintain a culture of inclusion and promote widespread employee involvement. One innovative way to ensure the long-term success of a D&I initiative is to create a “Guardians of the Culture” team. The team should include employees from multiple departments and serve as a link between the company and the C-suite. It can help maintain and deepen a D&I culture and apply D&I values as opportunities arise.

To attract and maintain top talent, diversity and inclusion should be thought of as an integral part of an organization's corporate strategy — not something siloed and apart. Organizations will need to invest time during the hiring and onboarding process, and then continuously reinforce D&I values across the company.

If you’re interested in joining an organization deeply committed to D&I, please reach out — we’re hiring!

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