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Marketing Analytics
Marketing Analytics

Fivetran’s Marketing Analytics Solution

Transform your disparate marketing data into dependable marketing insights.

Centralize all of your marketing data in a way that’s fast, reliable, and in real time to make the most of it.

Stop manually comparing data across marketing

platforms and spreadsheets.

Bring your ad spend, funnel analysis, and all other marketing analytics into one central place and into the 21st century with Fivetran.

Know how & where all your ad money is being spent

See your entire marketing mix

Spending marketing dollars across platforms & channels? Stop comparing your results manually through numerous spreadsheets.

Bring all your ad spend data into your data warehouse so you can ensure you have the complete view of your marketing mix at all times.

Understand your brand awareness efforts

Top of the funnel analysis

Connect all of your brand awareness efforts to your systems of record to ensure you know what’s capturing the eyes of prospects early on.

Centralize all of this data in once place so you have a complete, up-to-date view of the top of your marketing funnel.

Examine the bottom of your marketing funnel

Cost of acquisition analysis

Working on a ROAS or a fully-baked analysis taking in all your marketing efforts across paid ads, email, and organic efforts?

Fivetran is your reliable choice for centralizing your key marketing acquisition data.

How it works

Fivetran has natively built connectors with over 150+ tools so that you can effortlessly and reliably extract all of the data from your favorite marketing platforms.

After a simple set up & a first sync of the historical data, Fivetran will automatically check that data source for added values, updates, and deletions, keeping your warehouse always up to date with your marketing sources.

With all of your marketing data centralized in your data warehouse, you can easily start tackling your marketing analytic projects—everything from seeing all your ad spend in one place to full-funnel analysis.

“Now we spend less time on data plumbing, so we can focus on innovative initiatives. We’ve significantly elevated our infrastructure capabilities — a necessity now that we’re a $20 billion public company.”

Head of Analytics


Connectors for every marketing data source


Automating Your Marketing Analytics

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.