Centralize your data, supercharge your BI.

Load your unruly files into a warehouse and join them to the rest of your data. Then craft your queries once and run them against every new upload.


Bulk uploads made simple

Setup takes five minutes and maintenance is entirely on us. We hope you never log in again.

  • Learn why this isn’t magic, or view ERDs by source

Easily load single files

Browser uploader

Open our free file uploader in your browser and bring single CSVs right into a warehouse table.

Email connector

Email us your CSV or JSON files. This is great for services that send scheduled reports.

Google Sheets

Update your shared live files, with changes automatically reflected in your warehouse.


A powerfully simple uploader:

For all those disparate data files you need to run analysis on, Fivetran provides a simple, quick and capable browser uploader.

  • Automatically detects data types
  • Supports diverse data formats
  • Enables visual audits for missing or mismatched types
  • Adds primary keys for attachments or easy analysis
  • Increases precision as needed


Connectors for every data source.

Request Connector

Don’t see a data source you need? We add new connectors based on customer requests.

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Stay up to date with new connectors and features as they become available.

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.

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