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Re-Sync Your Tables With Fivetran
Re-Sync Your Tables With Fivetran

Re-Sync Your Tables With Fivetran

Selectively re-sync tables to get the data you need, when you need it.

By Fraser Harris, December 6, 2018

We know you sometimes need to overwrite an existing table to make sure you have everything you need — when, for example, an operation is performed on a source table that our incremental replication can’t detect (e.g., TRUNCATE). Until now, you could only fix the resulting data integrity issue by re-syncing an entire database.

That’s why we’re introducing Table Re-Sync, which gives you the ability to fix these issues at the table level whenever you see them. It’s a much simpler and more agile process.

Table Re-Sync is available for the following connectors:

  • Salesforce

  • NetSuite

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • Postgres

  • Zuora

  • SQL Server

To use Table Re-Sync, just go to your connector details page and hover over the table you want to re-sync. Note that re-syncing a table will pause incremental updates until the historical data is loaded.

Here's the full process:

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