GigaOm Data Pipeline Platform Comparison

See why GigaOm rates Fivetran highly for automated data integration.
GigaOm Data Pipeline Platform Comparison

With a proliferation of tools generating more and more available data, it’s becoming increasingly important to automate your data pipeline. In a recent report comparing automated data integration vendors Fivetran, Matillion and Stitch, GigaOm put it this way:

Without more automation, an organization’s data movement needs can quickly outpace a data engineering staff’s ability to meet that growing need.

The GigaOm report is based on a field test covering a first-time user setup for a common data pipeline use case. GigaOm went through real setups with their own accounts for Fivetran, Matillion and Stitch. Many common replication workflows, such as automatic schema migration for databases and supportability for cloud data warehouses like BigQuery and Redshift, apply here.

A few highlights of the report:

  • Setup is the quickest with Fivetran.
  • Fivetran covers all data updates, including updates and custom fields.
  • Our documentation makes it easy to understand what’s happening in each data source.

Key points to look out for:

Fivetran vs. Stitch

  • Number of data sources supported
  • Number of setup steps to get started

Stitch vs. Matillion

  • How updated data is approached
  • Steps to reconfigure the pipeline after source schema changes

Matillion vs. Fivetran

  • Number of queries run to load data into the warehouse
  • How documentation helps you understand your data source

Download the full report

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