Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Our Log Connector

Fivetran offers increased transparency and understanding of all data pipeline actions.

By Jamie Rodriguez, Brandon Chen, 21 Aug, 2020

We developed the Fivetran Log Connector to send application events for tracking data pipeline actions. Some data replication highlights include:

  • A deeper dive into managed replication actions, including API calls and queries run in the destination

  • Successful, failed or delayed sync notifications that can be used as a notification for further workflow orchestration

  • Data usage metrics that tie to Fivetran billing

We believe in product transparency and want every customer to understand what’s going on in their pipeline, so all events replicated by this connector are entirely free!

We’re continuing our participation in the dbt (data build tool) community with our newest dbt package, which creates reporting tables to:

  • Enhance individual connector log tables with sync status metrics, relevant alert messages, and number of schema changes for pipeline progress tracking

  • Create a history of measured monthly active rows (MAR) and credit consumption – segmented by individual tables and destinations in your account – to monitor data source activity

  • Provide greater visibility into post-load activities by specifically segmenting status events for transformations run by Fivetran

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