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Five Ways Fivetran Users Join Data
Five Ways Fivetran Users Join Data

Five Ways Fivetran Users Join Data

Some of our consulting partners share the interesting ways they’ve helped businesses join data using Fivetran.

By Ciara Rafferty, January 13, 2020

Fivetran is part of a greater cloud ecosystem. We partner with warehouse providers and BI platforms to enable you to create your choice data stack. We also partner with vetted consultants and solution partners that can help you accelerate and maximize your business intelligence and analytics data stack.

By centralizing your data with Fivetran, you are opening the door to more holistic data insights. Our solution partners can help you join that data together to answer your most pressing business questions and build out critical dashboards. Below, a few of our solution partners across the globe weigh in on some of the interesting ways that they’ve helped customers join data after implementing a modern data stack with Fivetran.


Jake Klein, Associate Analytics Consultant:

We used Fivetran to consolidate an ecommerce client’s paid media reporting. Before Fivetran, they would export spend, clicks, and impressions from applications like Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, and AdRoll, among others, into separate Google Sheets. Each Sheet then needed to be exported into their marketing budget spreadsheet. The system was extremely fragile and inefficient, not to mention difficult to manage and query. Fivetran enabled us to bring their paid marketing data and their marketing budget from Google Sheets into their data warehouse directly from the sources. We could then aggregate all of their marketing data and join it with their budget in Looker. Fivetran enabled us to automate the ELT process so we could spend more time focusing on generating insights from their data and less time fixing broken spreadsheets.


Ido Shichor, CEO:

Our cases that require the most connectors are related to user acquisition and joining marketing data. By joining advertising data from Adwords, Facebook and Instagram with internal data, our customers can understand campaign cost by platform; visualize user engagement by source, article or campaign; and uncover patterns. They can also join marketing data to their revenue or transactional data to understand user acquisition and lifetime value for a more holistic view of the customer journey.


Brian Bickel, Principal, Data Practice Lead:

We often work with companies that have multiple ERP systems as a result of mergers and acquisitions and particular company histories. We have to migrate the data from those ERPs, aggregate it together and build visualizations on top of it. For instance, we have a customer using Fivetran to blend together its cloud NetSuite data with its on-premise SQL Server data. We also have a few different agencies doing digital marketing. They’re bringing together Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. They’re managing different web properties and feeding those analytics back to their customers.

Red Pill Analytics

Mike Jelen, Chief Delivery Officer:

We’ve used Fivetran to pull data from AWS and load it into Snowflake, allowing us to look at departmental time reporting and revenue generation in a single report — all in real time and without manual intervention.

Mike Fuller, Solution Architect:

Fivetran allowed us to join disparate data sourced from a handful of both cloud and on-prem databases and applications, giving our client a full view of various business operations.

With so many available sources — from applications and databases to events and files — there are countless ways you can join data to drive powerful business decisions. To learn more about the role Fivetran plays, sign up for a personalized demo with one of our product experts, or start your free trial today.

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