Automated Data Pipelines for Marketing Analytics

You need to improve targeted customer acquisition marketing, ROI and customer journey analysis, with predictable business outcomes — all in a marketing analytics environment that sets up in minutes and just works. Let Fivetran help.

Avoid Common ETL Problems Like …

Performing manual synchronization from multiple marketing sources

Spending hours fixing broken pipelines caused by API or schema changes

Difficulty reporting daily or intra-day campaign results

Fivetran Automates Your Data Integration

Setup in minutes for sources like Google Sheets, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Bing Ads, Stripe and more

Connect all sources instantly

Centralize all your marketing data, even as source schemas and APIs change

Generate a 360-degree view

Deliver a reliable real-time view of your customer across all touchpoints

Continually synchronize data

Load all your sources into your data warehouse on Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and more

Here’s Why You Need Fivetran for Marketing Analytics

Highly targeted advertising

Fivetran automatically centralizes all your customer data into your cloud data warehouse for customer segmentation and personalized targeting

Real-time ROI and attribution reports

Share insights on the latest customer data with your favorite BI tool, connecting ad spend to closed business

Reliable forecasts

Fivetran continually syncs data from all your marketing sources so you spend less time with pipelines and more time analyzing your marketing programs

Insight into customer behavior

Create a 360-degree customer view to capture your customer’s journey and optimize marketing programs, product, and services

Centralize All Your Marketing Data Sources


Adroll, Adobe Omniture, Doubleclick, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and more

Sales and Marketing

Braze, Pendo, Salesforce, Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and more

“Fivetran saves us time generating the report, but even more important is getting insights into the hands of the right people much faster. And we have data sources we never even thought about before, which really brings value to the BI team.”
Erik Jones
Senior Director of BI and Analytics at DiscoverOrg

Combine Marketing Data With Other Data Sources

Commerce & Point of Sale

Magento, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Zuora


Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, Dropbox, Email

Google G Suite

Google Docs, Google Sheets

Human Resources

Greenhouse, Workday

Engineering and Support

Atlassian Jira, Asana, Heap, Pendo, Optimizely, Zendesk

Technical Sources

Amazon S3, Aurora, RDS, Databases, FTP, Webhooks

Learn How Fivetran Can Help You With Marketing Analytics

Accelerate the Development of Data Products

The global advertising agency eliminated the need for new data engineers and was able to create products for its clients that combine data from multiple sources, such as CRM, advertising, and more.

DiscoverOrg Increases Contract Value by 90%

DiscoverOrg is a B2B lead-generation platform that helps customers identify top targets, rank opportunities by ideal fit, and quickly uncover insights. With Fivetran, DiscoverOrg increased contract size by combining data sources.

Papier Builds Customer Attribution Model, Replaces Time-Consuming ETL

Papier’s built its own attribution model by using Fivetran to link the ad data with customer records to show ROA and ROI on advertising based on the lifetime value of the customers.

A Primer to Customer Attribution

Fivetran helps you demystify the customer journey and weave together data points to determine customer attribution.


Automating Your Marketing Analytics (Webinar)

You need to improve targeted customer acquisition marketing, ROI, and customer journey analysis, with predictable business outcomes — all in a marketing analytics environment that sets up in minutes and just works. See how Fivetran can help.

Centralize all your marketing data for combined insights

Fivetran has 150+ prebuilt data connectors to centralize data from all your applications, databases and more for powerful metrics that combine data sources.


Start analyzing your data
in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.
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