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Unlock the potential of SaaS.

Cloud apps make your team faster and more powerful, additional data deepens your insights, and Fivetran connects to all your new tools and services. What’s the downside again?

See the logic

We create a thoughtful ERD for every data source, ensuring your data is easy to understand and easy to query.

Own your data down to the row

SaaS apps were built to use, not to query, and your data disappears once you stop using them. Take back ownership by replicating into a warehouse at the row level.

App connectors that accelerate analytics

Our data connectors optimize warehousing and accelerate your analytics projects. Start a pipeline faster than ever before.


Authenticate and forget

Setup takes five minutes and maintenance is entirely on us. We hope you never log in again.

  • Learn why this isn’t magic, or view ERDs by source

Work with clean data

APIs create a risk of stored duplicates and inaccurate reporting, so we normalize, cleanse and standardize before loading.

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Connectors for every data source.

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Don’t see a data source you need? We add new connectors based on customer requests.

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