Connectors for every
team and application

Fivetran brings together data from the applications used by teams across your organization. With a holistic view of company performance, discover profound insights and efficiently answer questions across business silos.


Streamline your data sources for a comprehensive view across marketing channels. For agencies, bring together disparate client accounts to see aggregated trends.


Optimize your funnel by syncing data from your many sales tools. For e-commerce, join marketplace behavior with customer data for predictive sales metrics.


Easily join consumer data with support metrics to see customer trends. Combine with product data to improve user experience and gain a comprehensive view of company performance.


Centralize your sources for advanced data science and fast BI. Reduce database loads by separating production jobs from analytics. Improve your systems by joining event data with any other data source.


Gain a comprehensive view of your entire business by having access to data from every department. Sync sales, accounting, and finance metrics to conduct performance audits easily and quickly.

What can I do with data once it's centralized?

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Agile analysts

Today there are higher demands on analysts.

Analysts are increasingly being asked to drill in deeper to understand trends in data using modern BI tools, advanced analytics, and data science. This type of work is only really possible when analysts have access to all of their company data using the tools and languages they’re familiar with.

They need to be able to set up data pipelines and access their company data without the help of engineering. Fortunately, Fivetran makes this possible. Our data connectors are easy to use by analysts across the organization.

data governance

Data governance

Never have an argument again about how the numbers were reached.

When your data is siloed in disparate systems, it will often become the case where individuals and teams end up with different versions of the same dataset. By connecting your data into a central repository, you eliminate discrepancies and thus create a single version of the truth.

SELECT   close_date, SUM(revenue)
FROM     sales
WHERE    opportunity = 'won'
GROUP BY close_date....
investor report
kpi review
sales commission
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“Fivetran enabled us to start syncing our product, finance, customer service and marketing data into the data warehouse in under a day and without engineering support. Now our users can focus on uncovering insights instead of data validation and troubleshooting.”


Centralize your data in minutes, not months.