Load all of your data sources into a centralized warehouse

Fivetran builds connectors so that your data is easy to query and updates as often as you need. Setting up your data pipelines takes 5 minutes. Get access to your data today and discover insights.

Every source type

There are four types of data connectors — applications, databases, events, and files.

Each source type has its own method of formatting data which will affect your schema. Fivetran considers these differences and designs connectors so that no matter the source type, your data is readable by your warehouse. Our lite transformations and methods of data cleaning make it easy for analysts to use SQL for uncovering rich insights.



Applications are SaaS based cloud services and tools. We access your applications through either a normal API or report API, or through its underlying database.


Discover deep insight

By bringing data into your warehouse, you can use SQL to uncover richer insights than what applications offer by default. Instead of downloading and aggregating reports, Fivetran syncs data so it’s easier to get up-to-date analytics.


Archive & Secure your data

Don’t lose ownership of your most important data. Most SaaS applications will not store changed data or deliver information to you upon cancellation. Take back control of your historical data by saving it in a warehouse.

cloud application

Cloud Applications

Zero Maintenance

Fivetran builds cloud application connectors on top of vendor-provided APIs. These APIs often change. Instead of monitoring for vendor updates, let Fivetran maintain your data pipeline.

No Duplicates

APIs cause a high risk of storing duplicated data which leads to inaccurate reporting. Unlike other replication services, Fivetran is hyperaware of this danger and built our connectors to reduce duplication through normalized schemas.

Historical Archive

Fivetran extracts historical data for standard and custom objects, and then incrementally updates your tables in batches. Now you can query against any version of your data including changed and deleted records.

cloud reports

Cloud reports

Reports differ from normal connectors in the way the application structures its data for extraction. Report vendors only make available pre-aggregated metrics instead of raw data.

By having access to reports in your warehouse, you can query using SQL and discover more insights than what the application provides by default. It becomes easy to combine multiple accounts for aggregated trends across clients or business units.

database application

Database Applications

Many applications store data in databases hosted by an external vendor. If Fivetran supports the vendor database of your application as a connector, you can sync your data through it. Examples include Magento, built on MySQL, or Hybris, built on Oracle.

If you're not sure if we support your application, please reach out to our team. For more information about how Fivetran handles databases, read below.



By replicating your databases into a centralized warehouse, you can remove analytics from your production environments and easily query across systems.

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  • Reduce load

    With Fivetran, both engineers and analysts are happy. We remove the risk posed by running queries against your live systems while still giving analysts access to work with critical company data. This means you can also speed up source systems by removing archived data.

  • Log tailing

    Fivetran reads off of your internal logs the same way a read-replica does. This means replication is hyper-efficient. We capture every change in your database so that your analytics are fast and comprehensive.

  • Speed up analytics

    Traditional databases are row-based and slow for running queries. Warehouses are columnar, the optimal format for analysis. By using Fivetran to bring your data from databases into a warehouse, get answers to your most pressing business challenges in minutes, not days.

  • Capture deleted data

    Our database connectors read off of your logs so that every changed and deleted record syncs with your warehouse. Gain control of your data by archiving historical versions of your databases. By default, Fivetran replicates everything but you can also turn off selected tables.

  • Replicate Every Change

    Keeping two copies of the same data in sync is difficult. Fivetran does this for you by recognizing and updating schema changes. We do any necessary transformations so your warehouse can understand your data, making it easy for an analyst to query in SQL.

  • Database applications

    Many applications store data in databases hosted by an external vendor. If we support the vendor database, you can sync your application data with Fivetran. Examples include Magento, built on MySQL, or Hybris, built on Oracle. If you’re not sure if we support your application, get in touch with our team.



Load CSV and JSON files to your warehouse and stop doing repetitive work. Instead of vlookups, join your files with the rest of your organization’s data. Then craft your queries once and run them as often as new data is uploaded.


Browser upload

With our file uploader, audit data types and set primary keys before you import and then save recipes for future uploads.

cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Schedule bulk file uploads from your cloud storage service, or set up a custom connector by dropping data into S3.

file sync

Live File Sync

Connect cloud CSVs, such as Google Sheets, and then automatically bring saved file changes into your warehouse.



Collect events from any website, mobile application, or internal server in your warehouse.

event collection
  • Stay agile

    Building a system to analyze events for a specific application can take months. With Fivetran, begin data collection in minutes, enabling your team to focus on improving user experience, testing new applications, and more.

  • Granular User Insights

    Storage is cheap. Track every event and behavior down to individual button clicks for robust analytics and user insights. With granular data accessible in your warehouse, see broad trends and then drill in to understand why they are happening.

  • Combine Data sources

    Join user behavior with sales or marketing data to ask questions that layer metrics from many sources and channels. By using Fivetran to centralize your data, gain a comprehensive view of your organization’s performance.

  • Internal services

    Sending data to your warehouse from servers and internal applications your company has built can be difficult. With our event connectors, Fivetran removes most of this burden. All you need to do is create a collection endpoint and then generate a URL to post data to Fivetran.

  • Replay Events

    Fivetran built our connectors to handle hundreds of millions of events per day. We give a backup of your events flowing through our system so you can replay behavior from any point in time.

Tracking libraries

Thousands of applications send messages through an event tracking library such as webhooks. This means you can still collect data from an application if Fivetran doesn’t yet support a standard connector. Most event libraries require a simple tracking pixel.

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“Fivetran saved us months by doing all of the least glamorous data work more reliably than we would have done it. And now we don’t have to manage the pipelines. We just have all our data.”


Centralize your data in minutes, not months.