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External Data Integration
External Data Integration

Powered by Fivetran

The easiest way for customers to connect their data to your app

Your customers want you to turn their data into insights. Start by making it simple for them to get their data into your platform.

What is Powered by Fivetran?

See how standard Fivetran (left) compares to Powered by Fivetran (right)

Connect your customers' data to your app

Build answer-generating apps, not data pipelines

Tired of developing and maintaining integrations to your customers’ data sources? Embed Fivetran in your app and relax. We’ll automate the process of onboarding your customers’ data, so you can focus on your app’s secret sauce—surfacing insights.

Turn data into insights for your clients

Spend time on the work your clients actually see

Digital agencies and their clients often have data scattered across dozens of platforms. Stop spending your precious time connecting to all that data and invest it instead in building reports and analyses that deliver value to your clients.

Remove credential management risk

Put the un / pw down… now walk away slowly

Getting access to your customers’ data is awkward and maintaining a connection to those sources is a never-ending chore. Powered by Fivetran's Connect Card technology allows your customers and prospects to connect their data to your app without ever sharing their sensitive login info with you.

Scale to any deployment size

Programmatic control to manage all your customers’ data

Want to onboard data from 5 customers? 50? 500? With the Fivetran REST API, developers can programmatically perform user and connector management activities. Add new connectors, manage Fivetran users and permissions, and more across all your customers.

Powered by Fivetran: How does it work?

Powered by Fivetran enables your customers to authenticate a connection between their data sources and Fivetran directly. No more receiving emails from your customers with their sensitive credentials. Customers give you access to their data safely, right from the context of your app or portal.

"It didn’t make sense for us to spend engineering resources building some of these connections in-house when Fivetran already does it. I view Fivetran as an easy-to-use extension of my own Product Team."

Ben Vesta

Chief Technology Officer


Connectors for every data source

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.