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Database Analytics
Database Analytics

For product, marketing, customer, operational analytics and more!

Quickly and easily centralize your on-premise and cloud databases

Integrating your production database is essential to your business, so you need connectors that are easy to use, connect securely, and use logs for updated data to ensure data integrity.

Reliable database replication

Cloud-native for painless on-premise and cloud database replication

Seamless, simple integration

Crafted with production systems in mind

From micro-batched queries to minimize production impact to working with our destination partners to lower load costs, we’re constantly refining our sync strategy. Learn more about how your database connectors work!

Accurate updates for a refreshed view of your data

Log-based incremental updates

Your database replication tool should run with minimal impact on your production database. Log-based replication ensures transactional integrity, doesn’t require full table scans to determine updates, and eliminates the need to script a process to add timestamps.

A pipeline that adapts to your ever-changing business

Automatic schema drift handling and mapping

Fivetran is tuned for each destination to map the appropriate schema relations and data types from every database source. Our pipelines automatically adjust for new tables and columns added in the source by adding them to the destination with no manual interference needed.

Supporting your security and data privacy needs

Secure, encrypted connections

In addition to encrypted direct connections, we offer connectivity through SSH, Reverse SSH, and VPN tunnels. We will always verify your database certificate with you during initial authentication.

“With Fivetran, I replicated all of our data in 10 business days from both our on-prem and cloud ERPs, which saved us about $360,000 in initial setup and maintenance of our SQL Server and Netsuite connectors”

Nick Heigerick

Systems Development Manager

Oldcastle Infrastructure

Fivetran integrations to every database

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.