Deliver the Data Your Customers Need. Build Experiences They’ll Love.

Stop building data pipelines and start building great data products for your customers.

Powered by Fivetran

Enhance your customer's data experience with Fivetran under the hood.

Powered by Fivetran makes it easier for product teams and marketing agencies to build analytics products and performance reports for their customers, using data sources their customers own.

With no engineering overhead, you can easily access hundreds of accounts across countless Fivetran-supported data sources, including advertising platforms, CRM systems, databases, web events and more.

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Develop faster and cheaper

Decrease time to market and lower technical overhead by connecting to APIs and cleaning data without coding.

Reduce account management costs

When you provide customers an easy way to access to their data, it lowers your overall costs to manage individual accounts and immediately demonstrates value.

Scale across thousands of connections

Our battle-tested platform can handle all of your customers as you embed them into your own applications.

Focus on what matters

Interesting data science and analytical insights have a meaningful impact on customer experience. Focus there, not on data delivery.

Rapid Onboarding

Reduce onboarding time from days to minutes and create a positive customer experience right out of the gate.

Automated Access

Deliver reports that combine disparate data sets in minutes rather than days, so your customers can work with timely, relevant and accurate data.

Security Built In

Easily manage credentials to your customers’ systems and load customer data securely without developing a single line of code.
"There were three main reasons we needed to bring on Fivetran: easier data integration, quicker access, and the ability to construct more complex data models." – Kade Killary, Data Scientist at Crossmedia

Start analyzing your data
in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.
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