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Powered By Fivetran

Deliver data-powered experiences your customers can depend on

Stop building data pipelines and start building great data products.

Powered by Fivetran

Enhance your customer's data experience with Fivetran under the hood.

For developers, by Fivetran

Focus on creating new product experiences instead of building and maintaining integrations.

Broad, secure access to customer data

Automate credential sharing and broaden connection capabilities to 150+ connectors within your own platform.

Fully managed and supported

Offload support of critical data pipelines to Fivetran engineers available 24x7.

Embedded Connect Cards

Easy-to-use API

Security built in

“There were three main reasons we needed to bring on Fivetran: easier data integration, quicker access, and the ability to construct more complex data models.”

Kade Killary

Data Scientist


Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.