Fivetran: Automated Pipelines for Amazon Redshift

Fivetran is ready to go. Request a demo to see how easy it can be to synchronize data from source to warehouse.

AWS and Fivetran work together seamlessly

Data integration that keeps up with change

Fivetran enables businesses to quickly adopt new SaaS apps, and keep up with continual app changes.

Sync all your data sources into Amazon Redshift

Fivetran connectors continuously replicate data from applications, event streams, file stores, and more into your data warehouse.

Use Amazon Lambda functions for automated ELT

Extend Fivetran automation with custom code hosted on Amazon's serverless computing platform.

Monitor Fivetran data pipelines with Amazon CloudWatch

Use logs to track the status of your Fivetran data connectors.

Fivetran is the Leader in Automated Data Integration

Fivetran ready-to-use connectors, transformations, and templates adapt as schemas and APIs change to ensure reliable data access. Focus on driving insights, not data integration.

Joint Customers:

Learn how Fivetran enables game-changing insights and unlocks business value.

Papier Builds Customer Attribution Model, Replaces Time-Consuming ETL

With Fivetran, Redshift and Looker, Papier regains 20% of its time spent on ETL, doubles usable data sources, builds its own attribution model and sees a dramatic increase in data-driven decisions.

HotelSpecials Leverages Snowplow + Fivetran for ROI of 1,200%

With a fully managed Fivetran data pipeline and open-source Snowplow, HotelSpecials increases email conversion rates, cuts costs, and develops award-winning predictive hotel conversion score.

Taylor & Francis Group Opts for Fully Managed Data Pipelines From Fivetran

Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa business, sees an increase in customers, conversions, web sessions and Alexa rankings with Fivetran.

Centralize all your data into Amazon Redshift

Centralize Marketing, Finance, Sales, and HR data with our pre-built data connectors. Gain powerful metrics that combine data sources.

Fivetran Integrations with AWS Products

Start analyzing your data
in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.
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