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Fivetran + DTS
Fivetran + DTS

Accelerate Data Delivery With Fivetran and BigQuery DTS

Fivetran technology is the smartest, fastest way to replicate critical business data into Google BigQuery. Fivetran data connectors are fully automated and require zero configuration or maintenance, while BigQuery offers infinite scalability, built-in machine learning, and an in-memory BI engine. Now you can simplify setup by launching Fivetran connectors from the Google Cloud environment with BigQuery Data Transfer Service (DTS). Just log in to BigQuery, select Transfers, and choose one of the data source options from Fivetran.

Replicate data directly from the Google Cloud environment

With BigQuery DTS, you can centralize key business data without navigating away from Google Cloud.

Connect your data sources in minutes

Once you’re logged into BigQuery, you’ll be able to find your source and start replicating your data within minutes.

Centralize business data from any source type

Fivetran data connectors support all source types, including files, applications, events and databases.

150+ Data Connectors — and Counting

Centralize data from all your essential sources to generate business-critical insights. We continually build new data connectors in response to customer demand.

Streamline your data stack with DTS

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.