Warehouse destinations and applications

Collect data from anywhere and load it into your warehouse. Once it’s in your warehouse, use your favorite BI software, a SQL editor, data science, or any of the growing array of tools that sit on top of a warehouse.



If you already have a warehouse, connecting Fivetran takes just a few minutes. We support most popular warehouses including sandbox accounts.


Why Warehouse?

Data is your biggest asset and having it centralized is critical to your business. With cloud warehouses, it’s easier than ever before.


Connector design

Fivetran performs light cleaning and transformations to incoming data streams so that your warehouse can read it. These small changes make it easy for analysts to query against a warehouse using SQL. To learn more about how we handle data for a specific warehouse, visit our docs page.

no warehouse

No warehouse? No problem.

If you don’t have a warehouse yet, Fivetran can help set this up for you with our managed warehouse service.


Focus on analytics

Our managed warehouse service makes it even easier to get your data stack up and running. When Fivetran sets up and maintains your data warehouse, we use Google BigQuery.


Take back ownership

Fivetran will transfer ownership of your managed BigQuery project to a Google account you specify. We’re happy to give over control whether it’s been weeks, months or years.

Warehouse applications

Once all your data is in a warehouse, you have more power to do custom analysis or use the growing ecosystem of tools built on top of warehouses.


SQL editor

Any query at lightning fast speeds.

Traditional databases are row-based and slow for running queries. Warehouses are columnar, the optimal format for analysis. By using Fivetran to bring your data into a warehouse, get answers to your most pressing questions in minutes, not days, using SQL.

SELECT o.order_number,
p.product_name, i.quantity, i.unit
FROM [ order ] o
JOIN order_item i ON = i.order_id
JOIN product p ON = i.product_id
ORDER BY o.order_number

Business Intelligence

Achieve modern BI and analytics.

Today’s leading visualization and analysis software work best when they sit on top of your synced warehouse instead of using static data uploads. Gain superior business intelligence and up-to-date reporting by adopting Fivetran to fuel your warehouse.



Data Science

Push the envelope, develop innovation.

With Fivetran, your data team has more time to focus on advanced analytics and data science. Access data in your warehouse and write scripts using R, SQL or use machine learning packages to do predictive analytics and gain an advanced view of your organization's performance.

new tools

New Tools

The warehouse ecosystem is growing.

As centralizing company data in a warehouse becomes the dominant standard, more tools and applications are being developed to act upon this data. Examples include advanced email segmentation company Sendwithus, and Snowflake’s data sharing features across warehouses. Watch this space for more developments.



Fivetran works with warehouse providers, business intelligence tools, data source vendors, and more to make sure our connectors work together with the growing cloud ecosystem. To learn more about partnerships, visit our partners page.


Centralize your data in minutes, not months.