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Our pipelines scale with your cloud warehouse.

Load all your event, database, file and app data into the cloud warehouse of your choice — and then drill down into any detail.

Optimized loading

Cloud data warehouses are infinitely scalable — but expensive to load into. We put most of the process on our servers and optimize every load.

Base table management

Never work with old data again.

Vacuuming and cleanup

When warehouses require DBA management, Fivetran runs periodic vacuums and removes upserted or overwritten data.

Connect us to your warehouse in minutes

You can connect Fivetran to most popular warehouses, including sandbox accounts, in just a few minutes.

No warehouse, no problem

We'll set up a high-performance cloud warehouse for you to use during your trial. When the trial's over, you can keep it or choose a different solution.

Request Connector

Don’t see a data source you need? We add new connectors based on customer requests.

View Articles from our Blog

Stay up to date with new connectors and features as they become available.

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.