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Centralize your transactional database data.

For integrating your OLTP data into your OLAP workloads, you need connectors that are easy to use, connect securely, and automatically read updates through logs to ensure data integrity.

Reliable database replication

Log-based incremental updates

Your database replication tool should run with minimal impact on your production database. Log-based replication ensures transactional integrity, doesn’t require full table scans to determine updates, and eliminates the need to script a process to add timestamps.

Automatic Schema Mapping and Schema Drift Handling

Fivetran is tuned for each destination to map the appropriate schema relations and data types from every database source. Our pipeline automatically adjusts for new tables and columns added in the source by adding them to the destination with no manual interference needed.

Secure Encrypted Connections

In addition to encrypted direct connections, we offer connectivity through SSH, Reverse SSH, and VPN tunnels. We will always verify your database certificate with you during initial authentication.


Crafted with production systems in mind

We’re constantly refining our sync strategy. See what optimizations we’ve made in our release notes!

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Connectors for every data source.

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