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Copyright Migrates Databases to the Cloud
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Copyright Migrates Databases to the Cloud

Copyright Migrates Databases to the Cloud

With Fivetran and Snowflake, nonprofit agency Copyright migrates its databases to the cloud, decommissions legacy platforms, and reduces costs.

By Ciara Rafferty, July 6, 2020

Key Takeaway

Copyright quickly migrates its on-prem databases into Snowflake cloud using Fivetran. By implementing the modern data stack, and decommissioning numerous legacy platforms, Copyright estimates a savings of $40,000 a year and finds it much easier to manage the workload.

Data Stack

Copyright Agency is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that has been standing up for creators for more than 40 years. It enables the reuse of copyright-protected words and images in return for fair payment to creators. Neil Fraser, Head of Strategic Data at Copyright carries out investigation and analytics work for court cases and supports the material capture relating to copyright. He is part of a team of five that collects, analyzes and supports legal actions being taken. With the amount of data that the team gathers growing rapidly, the existing data architecture was no longer supporting its needs.

Migrating From On-Prem to the Cloud

Copyright had an on-prem SQL Server warehouse and legacy enterprise systems that required manual data extraction from sources such as PDFs to load actionable data into the warehouse. The architecture was expensive to maintain and, ultimately, wasn’t the correct business fit as the volume of data grew and new types of data were being brought in. Reporting was limited to an overnight snapshot of the operational platform data, so reporting was constantly 24 hours out-of-date. In order to better scale, it was time for the team to migrate to a cloud-based solution

The businesses decided to bring on Snowflake as its warehouse because it was highly scalable, and separated compute and storage. For data integration, it initially used a Fivetran competitor but had difficulty connecting to databases, including MongoDB. After a month of frustration, it switched to Fivetran and was able to fully migrate from on-prem to the cloud in less than three months. “In 15 years of experience, this was the fastest warehousing project I’ve been a part of,” Fraser says. 

With Fivetran, Copyright can understand and troubleshoot data issues right away. Fraser appreciates the change data capture feature, which enables more real-time reporting, and the breadth of cloud-based applications and warehouses that Fivetran can connect to.

Quicker Troubleshooting & Reporting

With Fivetran and Snowflake, Copyright has high-value insights with more reliable data. “With our modern data stack, we troubleshoot issues much more quickly, we no longer need a dba and our compute and storage problems are gone,” explains Fraser. “We’re freed up to do more value-adding work and we’re more adaptive to other programs of work. We can quickly plug into different environments, such as pre-production, and that is going to be critical as we embark on a business transformation project.”

By implementing the modern data stack, and decommissioning legacy data platforms, Copyright estimates a savings of $40,000 a year and finds it much easier to manage the workload. The company has built out two dashboards using the data that Fivetran is bringing in, and plans on building out many more. 

If you’re ready to migrate to the cloud and want to see how Fivetran can help, sign up for a personalized demo or start your free trial today. 

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