05 Nov 2018 | Announcement

Fivetran Partners With Zuora, Software Automating Entire Order-to-Revenue Process

David Kravets
David Kravets
Fivetran Partners With Zuora, Software Automating Entire Order-to-Revenue Process
We're proud to announce that Fivetran has partnered with Zuora, an industry leader in subscription management.

Fivetran is proud to announce that Zuora has joined the growing number of companies enrolled in our business partnership program.

With its cloud-based software, Zuora powers the subscription economy and enables any company, in any industry, to successfully launch, manage and transform into a subscription business.

Zuora is part of the expanding roster of connectors Fivetran offers. Fivetran replicates business data from Zuora and other applications into cloud warehouses, enabling advanced analytics and data-backed decision-making.

Logan Welley, head of the Fivetran partnership program, is excited about the Fivetran-Zuora relationship. By partnering with Zuora, Fivetran strengthens its technology alignment with the aim of making it easier for customers to access, own and leverage their data.

"Zuora is an end-to-end subscription management platform for your order-to-revenue process," Welley says. "Replicating all that Zuora data with Fivetran into a cloud warehouse with the rest of your martech stack enables a comprehensive view of the customer journey to continue your growth."

Kristin Hagan, Zuora's Global Head of ISVs and Technology Partnerships, noted that "Zuora's applications are designed to automate billing, commerce and finance operations. Our growing ecosystem of partners and applications gives our customers access to continuous subscription management innovation and a competitive advantage to monetize any service. The partnership with Fivetran and more than 100 other integrators allows enterprises to rapidly innovate and tailor their subscription infrastructure to meet unique subscriber demands."

To get started, sign up for a free trial of the Fivetran Zuora connector here or schedule your demo today.

If you work at a technology company that is interested in partnering with Fivetran, explore our partnership opportunities here or get in touch at partners@fivetran.com.

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