29 Jan 2019 | Announcement

Team Bonding in Thailand

Team Bonding in Thailand
The Fivetran engineering team recently returned from a retreat in Phuket, Thailand.


Our engineering team gathered from their usual offices in Oakland, Bengaluru, and Kaluga to spend the week of January 13, 2019, at a retreat in Phuket, Thailand. Our team members trickled in over the course of Sunday night, which concluded with a cocktail hour:

touchdown drinkos

On Monday, we had Geek Club instructionals. Topics included machine learning, bash scripting, UI, and public APIs:


We spent about six hours on Tuesday on a training video Makeathon. Using the scenic backdrop of the island for inspiration, we covered more than ten topics. If you’d like to see the videos, we are hiring!

A 24-hour Hackathon ran from Tuesday to Wednesday, in which the engineers divided into six teams to prototype new products for Fivetran:

temphack3 temphack1 temphack4 hackathondebrief

On Wednesday, we had a fireside chat discussing the history of the engineering team.

And, of course, everyone relaxed and explored the island all throughout their stay, too:

kayaking meelpool explore boating island daydrinking onaboat bythepool

Fivetran is looking for enterprising and talented people to join our team. If what you’ve seen inspires you, take a look at our careers page!

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