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New Connector: Pipedrive
New Connector: Pipedrive

New Connector: Pipedrive

Centralize your CRM data to better analyze your sales funnel.

By Natalie Waller, March 29, 2021

Pipedrive is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform for tracking communications, leads, and deals for better sales organization. If your organization uses Pipedrive to track sales activity, it’s likely you’ve already used the insights offered by Pipedrive to identify characteristics of successful deal cycles. 

With Fivetran’s latest connector, you can enhance your reporting capabilities by centralizing your Pipedrive data in your analytics destination to:

  • Track deal history and activities to better understand how to increase velocity for future deals

  • Tie activities to relevant contacts and companies to identify impactful touchpoints

  • Centralize sales mail activity and other marketing mail campaign activity to refine customer communications

Getting started: If you have a Pipedrive account, set up the connector here to centralize your data. For more technical information about our Zendesk Sunshine connector, visit our documentation. For more powerful and robust metrics, connect all of your other data sources from our directory of 150+ connectors.

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