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New Connectors: Delighted & SurveyMonkey
New Connectors: Delighted & SurveyMonkey

New Connectors: Delighted & SurveyMonkey

Fivetran improves support for customer analytics with Delighted and SurveyMonkey integrations.

By Natalie Waller, March 22, 2021

Delighted and SurveyMonkey are popular customer feedback tools used for tracking customer experience and satisfaction. Both platforms help companies automate their customer outreach and gather feedback from multiple platforms at once. By quickly gathering feedback from customers, companies can harness the sentiments of their customers for impactful, real-time, decision making. 

Fivetran’s new integrations allow Delighted and SurveyMonkey users to automatically roll their customer satisfaction data into their centralized data warehouse. Analysts can use this data to monitor:

  • Net Promoter Scores

  • Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction 

  • Product ratings and performance

  • Employee Engagement

  • Market Research

  • Plus more!

Getting started: Delighted and SurveyMonkey connectors can be set up in minutes using your account credentials. For more technical information, visit our Delighted documentation or our SurveyMonkey documentation. For more powerful and robust metrics, connect all of your other data sources from our directory of 150+ connectors.

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