Fivetran Integrates With Marketo Engage to Accelerate Data Analysis and Drive Business Impact

Integration with Marketo Engage enables businesses to centralize data and make data-driven decisions.

By Fivetran, June 13th 2019

To make informed decisions about campaigns, today's marketers have to combine an overwhelming amount of data from many disparate sources. They need to be able to conveniently access granular, up-to-date data to fully optimize marketing efforts and drive business impact faster.

To provide marketers with one centralized source of data, Fivetran now integrates with Marketo Engage. A part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Marketo Engage brings together marketing and sales in a comprehensive solution designed to orchestrate personalized experiences, optimize content, and measure business impact across any channel, from consideration to advocacy.

With the Marketo connector from Fivetran, marketers can effortlessly centralize data from Marketo Engage and other sources into a modern cloud warehouse. They can easily access granular, up-to-date data to perform advanced marketing analytics, multi-touch attribution, and more. Marketo customers can deploy Fivetran connectors directly from LaunchPoint, Marketo’s partner ecosystem.

“Together, Marketo Engage and Fivetran are enabling marketers to leverage a modern business intelligence stack,” says Shai Alfandary, Global Head of ISVs and LaunchPoint Ecosystem at Adobe. “By centralizing data from Marketo Engage in a cloud warehouse through Fivetran, marketers can combine it with other sales and marketing data to generate comprehensive insights into customer behavior and marketing performance to ultimately drive business results.”

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