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Help Scout Is Our Latest Connector and Partner
Help Scout Is Our Latest Connector and Partner

Help Scout Is Our Latest Connector and Partner

By David Kravets, January 29, 2018

At Fivetran, we provide a secure pipeline to replicate all of a company’s important data into a central data warehouse. We do this by building and offering what Fivetran calls “connectors” that integrate with dozens of business applications and services — from Asana, MailChimp and all the way through the alphabet to Zuora. These are the sources for the data we replicate in the Fivetran pipeline and securely connect to a data warehouse. From there, businesses can gain deep insights into sales trends and metrics by running SQL queries, and by employing Business Intelligence (BI) software tools.

Our latest Fivetran connector to join our ecosystem, and to partner with us, is Help Scout. Welcome aboard!

Help Scout is an email-based, help-desk software company. It should come as no surprise that Help Scout, which has more than 7,000 customers, has embraced the Fivetran pipeline to conduct advanced business analytics. Help Scout’s data runs through the Fivetran pipeline where it is replicated and stored in the Google BigQuery data warehouse. Google BigQuery is a Fivetran technology partner, and is among several data destinations Fivetran offers. Fivetran also partners with the data warehouses Snowflake and Amazon Redshift.

What’s more, Help Scout utilizes Looker, which is a BI tool and a Fivetran partner. There’s plenty of business intelligence services out there. Chartio, Mode and Periscope Data offer business intelligence tools, and are Fivetran partners as well.

With Looker, Help Scout says it has produced dashboards to view key business metrics — all of which have flowed through the Fivetran pipeline.

“Our data pipeline partner Fivetran makes the process of accessing your data simple and easy for Help Scout customers,” Help Scout says in a recent blog post titled “Performing Advanced Analytics on Your Help Scout Data with Fivetran.”

Have Some SQL

In that blog post, Help Scout data scientist, Matt Mazur, published an SQL query to calculate average resolution times for customer conversations.

According to Help Scout’s blog post: If your eyes gloss over when seeing this, have no fear — your data analysts will love it because it means they have access to all of your company’s row-level Help Scout data — which means it’s possible to ask and answer just about any data-related question. They can drill in beyond standard metrics, join together data from multiple services, and compare historical data from any point in time.

Here is the link to the Help Scout setup guide from our support pages.

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