Employee Experience: From Grad to Fivetran

SDR Ethan Lockshin reflects on his experience at Fivetran thus far.
Employee Experience: From Grad to Fivetran

I had the opportunity to join Fivetran on September 10th, 2018 as employee #92. Since joining, I’ve grown personally and professionally, gaining industry, product, leadership, and sales knowledge. Fivetran is the leading independent ELT provider, and our fully managed and automated data pipelines enable companies of all industries and sizes to make better business decisions.

Since 2018, Fivetran has grown from around 35 employees to around 120. We are growing quickly and we move quickly. Of course, working in a fast-growing startup can have its challenges, but with these challenges comes the opportunity to learn new things and develop new skills.


Fivetran treats each employee as an owner — everyone has a say. That means it's up to us to make sure that we’re always looking for ways to improve the business. I want to make sure I do well by the company, so I’m always thinking of ways to be better for my coworkers, and, more importantly, for our customers. No matter how quickly we grow or how many challenges we face, it is imperative to our success that we stick to our Fivetran Core Values:

  • Preserve your integrity, even when it's hard
  • Take the initiative
  • Trust each other
  • Nurture diversity, equality and inclusiveness
  • Lead, don't follow
  • One team, one dream

I’ve had an incredible time working at Fivetran, and I look forward to what the future holds. Every day I get to come to work and interact with all types of people (and dogs!), from all around the world, with many different views and experiences. Our COO challenged me to go to a yoga class with him every day for the entire month of May. My manager embarrasses me in spike ball on a weekly basis. It’s the people that make Fivetran such a great place, and it’s the people that make Fivetran the leading independent ELT provider in the world.

If you too want to work for a company where you learn something new and make a difference every day, check out our current openings.

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