Fivetran rolls out the Klaviyo connector

Fivetran rolls out the Klaviyo connector

Fivetran should be your company’s default method to load business data into a data warehouse. In addition to supporting and replicating databases into a data warehouse, Fivetran also syncs and replicates data from dozens of business applications into data warehouses.

We’re constantly updating these easy-to-setup “connectors” and developing new ones. Today, we’re proud to announce the addition of the Fivetran connector for Klaviyo—a leading e-commerce marketing platform and so much more.

“With Klaviyo, you can easily segment your audience and target triggered campaigns based on things that actually happened instead of guesswork. Target based on what they actually bought, what they actually looked at on your website, where they actually interact with your emails, how much they actually spend so you can send emails they actually want to receive.”

Carlos Nido, an analyst for clothier Chubbies—which is a customer of Fivetran and Klaviyo—is quite satisfied with the Klaviyo connector.

“We are very happy with the new Klaviyo connector. It has helped us get a deeper understanding of our CRM outreach and how we re-target our repeat customer base. Off the bat, we have been able to systematically quantify the effect of mixing in a fun lifestyle email to our customers in order to keep them interested in our brand.”

Here is the link to the Fivetran documentation for Klaviyo. Fivetran provides a complete schema diagram, too. Setup, as with other Fivetran connectors, is super simple. For starters, you must have an active Klaviyo account. From the Fivetran user interface, enter the desired destination schema name and Fivetran will assist you in getting an API key. Then follow a few short steps.

Fivetran offers a pre-engineered data pipeline to centralize your business data into a data warehouse. Fivetran supports three column-oriented warehouses. They include Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift and Snowflake. From the data warehouse, companies may embrace any business intelligence (BI) tool of their choice to conduct advanced analytics in a bid to gain deep insights into their customers and product.

About Fivetran: Our mission is to democratize data, to make companies data driven, and to give analysts easy access to disparate data sources to perform advanced analytics.

With as little as a 5-minute setup, Fivetran replicates all your applications, databases, events and file storage into a high-performance data warehouse. Our cloud data pipelines are zero-configuration, zero-maintenance and fully managed by Fivetran.

Using Fivetran, businesses big and small gain complete control and ownership of their data. It’s easy to join data sources, perform agile analytics, and ultimately discover valuable insights.

The Fivetran sales team is available at

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