Fivetran partners with SendGrid: It's all about data delivery

It only makes sense that Fivetran and SendGrid have partnered together. They each have similar missions: They deliver data on a grand scale.

Founded in 2009, SendGrid is a leading digital communication platform, enabling businesses to engage with their customers via email reliably, effectively and at scale. Fivetran builds data pipelines connecting and replicating disparate business data sources to a data warehouse — for the goal of advanced analytics on a grand and granular scale. With Fivetran, SendGrid users can co-mingle data from their SendGrid accounts with data from their other business applications to gain deep insights into all of that data.

“It was only a matter of time until Fivetran and SendGrid would become partners. SendGrid’s platform already provides engagement data in real time. With Fivetran, our customers can get even wider views into their own companies and customers,” says Elliot Goldwater, director of business development at SendGrid.

(The Fivetran sales team is available to present a demo, and provide a free trial. Sign up here.)

Logan Welley, who heads the Fivetran partnership program, agreed. “Adding SendGrid to the growing list of Fivetran technology partners was bound to happen. Each company enhances the other company, all of which benefits end users and their goal of performing agile analytics,” Welley says.

SendGrid is just one of the dozens of connectors Fivetran offers. These connectors are the data from your business applications, and databases, that Fivetran syncs into a data warehouse for you.

About Fivetran: Our mission is to democratize data, to make companies data driven, and to give analysts easy access to disparate data sources to perform advanced analytics.

With as little as a 5-minute setup, Fivetran replicates all your applications, databases, events and file storage into a high-performance data warehouse. Our cloud data pipelines are zero-configuration, zero-maintenance and fully managed by Fivetran.

Using Fivetran, businesses big and small gain complete control and ownership of their data. It’s easy to join data sources, perform agile analytics, and ultimately discover valuable insights using SQL or the business intelligence (BI) tools of choice.

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