Fivetran Named Launch Partner for Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service

With Data Transfer Service, BigQuery users can deploy Fivetran connectors for over 100 sources — including Salesforce, NetSuite and Google Analytics — without ever leaving BigQuery.

By Fivetran, 10 Apr, 2019

A high-performance cloud warehouse like BigQuery is a critical component of any modern analytics stack, but to take full advantage of it, you need to centralize and continuously update business data from multiple sources. And that can be incredibly difficult: ETL construction takes months; APIs constantly change; brittle pipelines break; and bugs are a continual risk.

Our fully automated, zero-maintenance data connectors make replication from any source into BigQuery effortless — and you can easily start a 14-day trial for any Fivetran connector from within the Google Cloud environment via BigQuery Data Transfer Service. The Fivetran-BigQuery integration accelerates your analytics projects by dramatically reducing the traditional setup and maintenance overhead for data centralization.

This partnership builds on an ethos shared by Fivetran and Google — that cloud-first, fully managed data services should not only be robust and powerful, but also easy to use.

To get started, navigate to the Google Cloud Marketplace, search for Fivetran to see a list of data sources, select a source, and click Enroll. Then follow the on-screen instructions — it only takes a few minutes.

Here’s how easy it is to set up Salesforce:

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