The 2nd Annual Modern Data Stack Conference is back on September 22 - 23, 2021. Learn more and register here.

Why You Should Attend the Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA
Why You Should Attend the Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA

Why You Should Attend the Modern Data Stack Conference EMEA

The modern data stack is transforming analytics — discover how business leaders are leveraging it to drive innovation and growth.

By Nate Spohn, May 7, 2021

This is an incredibly exciting moment in the evolution of data analytics. We’ve always used data to solve problems and make discoveries, but the technology powering data creation and analysis hasn't always been reliable or simple to use. Now, access to data is becoming as simple and reliable as electricity, and analytics teams are finding it easier and easier to generate and share business insights — or empower nontechnical users to directly analyze the data they rely on to guide their decision-making.

The force behind this transformation is the modern data stack.

The modern data stack (MDS) is an integrated suite of automated, cloud-based tools that radically simplify and accelerate data collection and analysis. Over the last few years, analytics has rapidly moved toward these technologies and away from more traditional solutions: inelastic, on-premise systems that require frequent rebuilds and maintenance.

Adopting an MDS allows businesses to harness the value of their data and decrease time to insight — without increasing headcount. This can be a huge competitive advantage. We’ve organized the Modern Data Stack Conference to help you understand the benefits of an MDS relative to traditional systems, both generally and in terms of specific analytics challenges, and to show you how to implement an MDS quickly and easily.

Free and fully online, the Modern Data Stack Conference features an amazing roster of speakers, including:

  • Bob Muglia, former CEO and co-founder of Snowflake

  • Alex Biller, Vice President, Platform, Snowflake

  • Magnus Carlsson, Head of Innovation I&D Scandinavia, Capgemini

In a series of panel discussions, we’ll hear how leading businesses like The Guardian, Douglas, Katkin and Instamojo are leveraging the modern data stack to support innovation and growth. Panels include:

  • “The Future of the Modern Data Stack” with The Guardian and Douglas

  • “Fueling the Data Cloud” with Snowflake

  • “Enabling Every Decision to Be Data-Driven” with Biztory, Troy and Katkin

  • “How to Build a Modern Data Stack From the Ground Up” with Infinite Lambda

  • Partner Showcase with Amazon Web Services and Instamojo

  • “Building a 360-Degree View of the Customer” with Onfido and

  • “Fueling BI Modernization” with Looker and Google

  • “Using Data for Good” with Luko, Pie-Loup Pecorari and Rimane Toumi

We hope to see you there!

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