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Webinar: From Disparate Data to Tell-All Dashboards at Talkdesk
Webinar: From Disparate Data to Tell-All Dashboards at Talkdesk

Webinar: From Disparate Data to Tell-All Dashboards at Talkdesk

Learn how Talkdesk powers business intelligence with Looker and Fivetran.

By Katie Chin, September 11, 2017

This webinar is a conversation with Talkdesk about how it leverages Fivetran and Looker to power its data intelligence.

About Talkdesk:

Talkdesk is the world’s leading cloud-based call center software solution. Our easy-to-use out-of-the-box call center software solution helps growing businesses improve customer satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing customer support costs. Using Talkdesk, businesses can create an entire call center in the browser in 5 minutes. Unlike other outdated and costly solutions that require a long setup and big upfront investment, Talkdesk requires no phones, no hardware, no coding and no downloads — all that is needed is a computer and an internet connection. With one click, Talkdesk integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, Infusionsoft, Olark and others to provide comprehensive information about customers.

About Looker:

Looker is an inventive software company that’s pioneering the next generation of business intelligence (BI). We believe that businesses can only thrive when data is consistently defined and easily accessible across the entire organization. Our web-based platform powers the work of data analysts while fueling (and fulfilling) the business user’s curiosity. Looker is creating true discovery-driven businesses and unlocking the value of their data, one customer at a time.

About Fivetran:

Fivetran is the smartest way to replicate data into your warehouse. We’ve built the only zero-maintenance pipeline, turning months of on-going development into a 5-minute setup. Our connectors bring data from applications and databases into one central location so that analysts can unlock profound insights about their business.

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

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