Pendo-Fivetran Partnership Enables Seamless Export of Behavioral Activity Data to Cloud Warehouses

With Fivetran and Pendo, businesses can track behavioral user activity, then centralize and transform activity data — without ever diverting engineering resources.

By Fivetran, 27 Jun, 2019

Fivetran is proud to announce its new partnership with product-experience leader Pendo. Fivetran and Pendo share a commitment to simplifying basic data engineering tasks, so businesses can fully optimize their engineering resources and deploy their data talent where it will have the greatest impact.

Pendo enables software organizations to retroactively capture all user behavior within their products — no coding required. Pendo customers can then analyze specific page and feature usage, and slice and dice data across accounts, users and custom segments. They use those insights to guide and communicate with users. They can also leverage actionable feedback from in-app surveys. This rich data empowers Pendo customers to massively improve the product experience, while freeing customer data teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

Fivetran supports data teams in a similar way. By radically simplifying the process of setting up and maintaining data infrastructure, Fivetran frees analysts and engineers to focus on high-impact projects instead of routine data maintenance and troubleshooting.

Businesses can combine Fivetran and Pendo to effortlessly track user activity, centralize ready-to-query user data in a cloud warehouse, and transform that data as needed — without ever diverting engineering resources.

“When we saw our customers using Fivetran, we realized the benefits of the company’s unique no-code architecture, which aligns with our vision,” said Rahul Jain, co-founder and VP of Business Development at Pendo. “We quickly saw that by working together, we could provide turnkey data-out architecture for Pendo customers, enabling them to easily get critical product data into their cloud warehouses and improve their strategic decision-making.”

Once you’ve centralized your Pendo data in a cloud warehouse, you can use Fivetran to easily combine it with data from other sources, including data from your production DB and SaaS providers like Salesforce, Zendesk and Marketo. Fivetran offers 125+ data connectors for applications, databases, warehouses, events and files.

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