New Connector: Eloqua

New Fivetran connector enables you to centralize Eloqua data to evaluate email-marketing and demand-generation performance.

By Ciara Rafferty, June 20th 2019

Fivetran recently released an Eloqua connector. Oracle’s Eloqua platform equips B2B marketers with best-in-class lead and campaign management tools that help marketers engage the right audience at the right time in the buyer's journey while providing real-time reporting and insights. By centralizing your Eloqua data, you can answer key questions about email marketing performance, demand generation and lead management engagement. Joining Eloqua data with other sources like Salesforce, for instance, enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the performance and return of your email campaigns.

Our documentation explains how to set up this connector and includes a diagram of the data we deliver.

If you have an Eloqua account, set up the connector here to sync your data and join it with other sources for more holistic analysis. If you have any questions feel free to contact support.

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