28 Feb 2019 | Announcement

New Connector: Criteo

New Fivetran connector allows you to access your Criteo data to achieve greater insights.
Ciara Rafferty
Ciara Rafferty
New Connector: Criteo

Fivetran has released a new version of our Criteo connector based on the new Criteo REST API.

If you want to conduct stronger, more comprehensive analysis of your Criteo data, you can use this connector to extract the data from the platform, load it into your data warehouse, join it with other sources and run your BI tool on it. For instance, combine Criteo data with data from your CRM like Salesforce to understand your full customer journey from start to finish and to better quantify the ROI on your marketing spend.

Set up your new Criteo connector quickly with the new Open Authorization (OAuth) support to get your ad data flowing into your warehouse ASAP. Our documentation explains how to set up this connector and includes a diagram of the data we deliver. If you have a Criteo account, set up the connector here to centralize your data, along with all of your other data sources for more powerful and robust metrics. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our sales team.

About Criteo: Criteo is an advertising platform that helps internet retailers serve personalized ads through dynamic retargeting.

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