06 Dec 2018 | Announcement

Fivetran Partners With Growth Marketing Platform Iterable

David Kravets
David Kravets
Fivetran Partners With Growth Marketing Platform Iterable
We're proud to announce that Iterable is joining the expanding roster of companies participating in the Fivetran partnership program.

Iterable, an integrated, cross-channel marketing platform, is one of a growing number of Fivetran-supported data connectors that fuel a broad array of tools and services popular with businesses. The Fivetran partnership program, which includes warehouse providers, BI platforms and technology solutions like Iterable, makes it easy for customers to create their ideal data stack and drive data-backed decision-making across their organizations.

"The Fivetran-Iterable partnership brings another arrow to the quiver of data-backed companies that demand a holistic view of all their data sources, which Fivetran replicates and delivers to supported destinations," says Logan Welley, head of the Fivetran partnership program.

Iterable is among the world's top growth marketing platforms, enabling brands to create, execute and optimize campaigns to power world-class customer engagement across email, push, SMS, in-app and more with unparalleled data flexibility. Used by leading brands like Spotify, Zillow and DoorDash, Iterable bills itself as "an integrated, cross-channel solution — built for marketers, trusted by engineers, designed with intelligence."

Dave Schwartz, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Iterable, says the Fivetran-Iterable partnership can enhance Iterable’s mission to create rewarding relationships between people and brands.

"With this partnership with Fivetran, our customers can not only access real-time demographic, behavioral and event data to trigger personalized messaging, they can also blend all of their other supported data sources into a cloud warehouse,” Schwartz says.

The Fivetran sales team is available to present a demo of our service and provide a free trial. Get in touch with Fivetran to explore partnership opportunities or reach out to support@fivetran.com with any questions.

About Iterable: Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with unparalleled data flexibility. Leading brands like Spotify, Zillow, SeatGeek and Box choose Iterable to power world-class customer engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. Iterable was founded in 2013 and is backed by CRV, Index Ventures and other top-tier Silicon Valley VCs. Visit iterable.com for more information.

About Fivetran: Our standardized technology delivers data into your warehouse the right way. Shaped by the real-world needs of data analysts, Fivetran technology supports agile analytics, enabling data-backed decisions across organizations. We’re focused, transparent and trusted by businesses that run on data.

After a five-minute setup, Fivetran replicates all your applications, databases, events and files into a high-performance data warehouse. Our standardized cloud pipelines are fully managed and zero-maintenance.

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