Fivetran Announces Partnership With Marketing Tool HubSpot

We're proud to announce that Fivetran is adding HubSpot to the growing ranks of our technology partners.

By David Kravets, 7 Oct, 2018

HubSpot is among the leading platforms in the inbound marketing space. It describes its offering as "first-in-class marketing, sales and service software that helps your business grow without compromise."

HubSpot is also one of the growing number of supported Fivetran connectors, which help analysts replicate data into a cloud warehouse to enable data-backed decisions across organizations. With Fivetran, HubSpot users can can blend their HubSpot data with data from other business applications to gain deep insights.

Given that data is at the heart of the HubSpot and Fivetran business models, we're proud to announce that Fivetran is adding HubSpot to the increasing ranks of our technology partners.

Logan Welley, head of the Fivetran partnership program, says that HubSpot and Fivetran have similar goals. "The Fivetran partnership with HubSpot underscores that businesses are increasingly relying on data to make decisions, measure performance and improve their operations," Welley says. "Both Fivetran and HubSpot are focused, transparent and trusted by businesses that run on data."

Kevin Raheja, HubSpot's Director of Strategic Partnerships, says the company's "products and services aim to help businesses grow their brand, audience and revenue. Fivetran becoming a HubSpot Connect Partner continues to help us serve our customers by allowing them to connect to the best marketing and sales tools in the industry."

Fivetran is offering a free trial of our HubSpot connector. Sign up here.

Our sales team is available to present a demo of our service and provide a free trial. Sign up here.

Get in touch with Fivetran to explore partnership opportunities, or reach out to with any questions.

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