Integrate all your cloud data into Snowflake

Snowflake and Fivetran were both built for the cloud, so there's natural synergy between the two. Snowflake's unique compartmentalization of its compute and storage functionalities allows a company to effectively have multiple logical data warehouses built on the same underlying data. Fivetran can then be provisioned its own, loading-only instance, while your analysts use another to query the data being delivered. The resulting analytical environment is highly efficient, meaning you can connect all your data sources, syncing them as frequently as possible, without having to worry about any impact on your compute performance.


About Snowflake

Snowflake is a Cloud-native data warehouse for big data.

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What is Fivetran?

Being able to make data driven decisions separates the successful companies from all the rest. Fivetran speeds up your company's ability to utilize its data by doing the complicated integrations step of your data pipeline. We collect and deliver all your data for you.

  Complete Integrations
  Always up to date
  Full data pipeline in 5 minutes
  Optimized for big data
  Secure and own all your data
  Centralize your cloud

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How does Fivetran work?

Fivetran is a completely integrated pipeline for all of your cloud services, databases, and business intelligence (BI) tools.




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