Increase analytics productivity and performance with dbt

With dbt and Fivetran, data analysts are no longer dependent upon data engineering teams to attain the trustworthy data sets they need.

dbt and Fivetran work together seamlessly

Transform data directly in your cloud warehouse

Extract and load data into your cloud warehouse with Fivetran. Transform it with dbt.

Data transformation & testing in SQL

dbt empowers analysts to own the entire analytics engineering workflow with a browser-based, developer interface and a language they already know -- SQL.

Deploy analytics code faster with software engineering best practices

Package management, environments, and CI/CD make it easy for analysts to work with engineers.

Get a headstart on transformation with Fivetran’s dbt packages

Enjoy an additional layer of transformations including data standardization, metric aggregation, and key restructuring.

Joint Customers:

Learn how Fivetran enables game-changing insights and unlocks business value.

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.