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Automated Pipelines for Delta Lake on Databricks

Fivetran automates data integration for Delta Lake, empowering data engineers and data scientists to focus on analytics, data science and machine learning applications.

Databricks and Fivetran: Fueling data analytics and AI insights seamlessly

Accelerate time-to-value with automated data pipelines

Fivetran automates data ingestion into Delta Lake through ready-to-use connectors, transformations, and templates. With pipelines that adapt as schemas and APIs change, data engineers and data scientists no longer have to build and maintain time-consuming custom code.

Uncover data insights through scalable analytics and AI

Delta Lake brings reliability, performance, and lifecycle management to data lakes for more dependable, business-critical analytics.

Easy, secure data staging for Delta Lake

Fivetran stages data for you so you don’t have to setup and configure a dedicated staging area. Your secure environment from Fivetran includes SOC 2 compliance with options for ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

Build trusted datasets scalably with SQL

Fivetran enables your choice for developing transformations: Basic: SparkSQL Advanced: SQL via dbt, for scalable environment for trusted data set

Driving Success Together

Discover how Fivetran and Databricks enable game-changing insights to unlock business value.


Centralize all your data into Databricks

Centralize Marketing, Finance, Sales, and HR data with pre-built data connectors from Fivetran. Our ready-to-use connectors, transformations, and templates adapt as schemas and APIs change to ensure reliable data access for powerful insights. Focus on driving insights, not data integration.

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.