Faster, Simpler, Smarter NetSuite Analytics. In Minutes.

The Fivetran NetSuite data connector automatically syncs normalized data into your warehouse in minutes; then use our prebuilt BI templates for instant dashboards in Looker or Tableau. Never worry about NetSuite’s rigid in-tool reporting or dastardly API again.


Learn how to transform data into insights

  • Understand the critical difference between ETL and ELT
  • Learn how ELT makes data integration effortless
  • Discover how ELT helps analysts generate insights faster

Wed, Jan 8, 2020 10:00AM - 11:30AM PST

Tue, Jan 28, 2020 02:00AM - 03:00AM PST

Pre-Built Data Connectors

After a five-minute setup, Fivetran starts replicating NetSuite data into your warehouse, such as Snowflake, BigQuery, Azure or Redshift. Focus on insights instead of cumbersome data engineering.

Templates for Business Intelligence

Get started even faster with pre-built financial dashboards. Our analyst templates for Looker and Tableau are built with expertly designed schemas so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Real-Time, Advanced Forecasting

Because Fivetran connectors continually sync data, you can regenerate reports with just one click. Easily sync data from other sources, like your CRM or HR tool, for reports that join data with NetSuite.

Reliable Auditing and Compliance

Fivetran adapts to source changes automatically to ensure the integrity of your data. Plus, we log deletes and offer security features like hashing and column blocking, so staying compliant is a breeze.

“NetSuite is constantly changing its API, but Fivetran keeps up and automatically centralizes both our on-prem and cloud ERPs into our data warehouse. We estimate that Fivetran has saved us $360,000 in setup and maintenance of our SQL Server and NetSuite connectors.”

Nick Heigerick

IT Manager of BI


Centralize all your data sources for combined insights

Centralize all your data sources for combined insights

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.

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