Finance Analytics
Finance Analytics


Automate Financial Reporting with Reliable Data

Fivetran powers the reports your team needs for Planning and Budgeting, Integrated Financial Planning, Forecasting and Modeling, and more. All with data you can trust -- in an environment that sets up in minutes and just works.

Avoid Common Finance Reporting Issues Like…

Performing manual synchronization from multiple finance sources

Spending hours fixing broken pipelines caused by API or schema changes

Being unable to report daily, weekly, or monthly financial reports

Fivetran Automates Integrating Finance Data.

Setup in minutes for sources like Anaplan, NetSuite, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Sheets, and more

Connect all sources instantly

Centralise your finance and other sources, even as the source schemas and APIs change

Generate reliable reports

Our pre-built templates for Looker Blocks and Tableau Workbooks are built on top of expert, standardised schemas.

Continually synchronize data

Load all your sources into your data warehouse on Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and more

Here’s Why You Need Fivetran for Finance Analytics

Connect more data

Connect Opportunities in the CRM with ERP Orders and Accounting figures — even as the source schemas and APIs change

Faster reliable data

Automated reports in you favorite BI tool remove data wrangling in Microsoft Excel to overcome limited reporting and APIs

Protect sensitive data

Protect sensitive data with custom roles and achieve regulatory compliance using column hashing, blocking, and salting

Audit and reconcile

Reconcile when, where, and why figures might have changed historically between different sources.

“NetSuite is constantly changing its API, but Fivetran keeps up and automatically centralises both our on-prem and cloud ERPs into our data warehouse. We estimate that Fivetran has saved us $360,000 in setup and maintenance of our SQL Server and NetSuite connectors.”

Nick Heigerick

IT Manager of BI


Learn How Fivetran Can Help You with Finance Analytics

Learn How Fivetran Can Help You with Finance Analytics

Easily modify income statements, set up alerts for cost overruns, automate data integrity checks — these are just a few of the things you can do with a modern data stack.

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How Fivetran Helps You Stay Compliant With GDPR

Fivetran services are compliant with GDPR and we’re continually adding new features to help you meet EU data protection requirements.

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Oldcastle Infrastructure Migrates On-Prem Data to the Cloud With Fivetran

Oldcastle Infrastructure migrates its SQL Server and NetSuite data into Snowflake, saves $360,000, and enables business-wide analysis in Tableau.

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Trustpilot Gives Fivetran a Five-Star Review for Zuora Connector

With the Zuora connector from Fivetran, Trustpilot dramatically cuts down on time spent merging data from disparate systems.

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Slash Time Reconciling Finance With Your CRM and ERP Data

To reconcile figures across sales, accounting, and finance, you need comprehensive reporting and auditing integrating all those data sources. Wrangling the data together in Microsoft Excel is not only a major hassle, it’s risky and potentially inconsistent and incomplete. And procuring the necessary data engineering resources when you need them is tricky at best. Wouldn’t it be great if you could connect all your data sources quickly and easily and for automated reporting within the business intelligence tool you prefer? Join us to hear from our very own Senior Data Analyst, Kristin Bagnall, and Director of Finance, Kalor Lewis, about how Fivetran uses NetSuite, Looker, and Fivetran internally for continuous financial reporting.

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Centralise all your finance data for combined insights

Fivetran has 150+ pre-built data connectors. Centralise data from all your applications, databases and more for powerful metrics that combine data sources.

Start analysing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.