Take control of your data pipeline

Enable data teams to work together with integrated SQL-based post-load transformations

Post-load Transformations by Fivetran

Choose between two powerful solutions for handling in-warehouse transformations

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    Fivetran Transformations
    Enable data teams to execute simple post-load transformations with an easy to use tool
  • SQL support
  • Schedule based transformations
  • Email alerts
  • Trigger-based transformations
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    dbt Transformations
    Orchestrate sophisticated data transformations, model dependencies, and data validation with dbt
  • SQL support
  • Schedule based transformations
  • Email alerts
  • Trigger-based transformations (Coming Soon)
  • Version control
  • Historical snapshots
  • Data validation
  • Documentation
  • Pre-built dbt packages

Fivetran Transformations

Run post-load SQL transformations in-warehouse. Focus on delivering data the business needs today

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    SQL-based transformations
    Enable anyone who can write SQL to build data transformations
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    Simple UI Scheduler
    Schedule transformations to run as often as every 5-minutes to 24-hours
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    Trigger-based transformation
    Only run transformations when you need it, once new data syncs to a table


Fivetran dbt Transformations

Orchestrate the testing, transformation, modeling, and documentation of data sets with Fivetran + dbt together

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    Link to any Git repository provider via SSH for a secure connection
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    Job orchestration
    Enjoy a complete data pipeline solution of automated extraction, ready-to-query schemas, and SQL-based transformations
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    dbt packages
    Quickly create reports with pre-built dbt packages designed for analytics
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    Trigger Transformations (Coming Soon)
    Run complex transformations only once new data syncs to a table

dbt Transformations Features

Version Control

Let Fivetran connect directly to your git repository

Log & Alerts

Receive automated alerts when a job or test fails


Install Fivetran dbt packages and model your own data with SQL


Trust the data in your models and automate the tests against your transformations


Orchestrate dbt jobs with Fivetran and deploy directly to production


Leverage dbt package documentation and create your own as you build your models

Get started with Fivetran dbt packages

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