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Analyze every event, anticipate every behavior.

Track billions of daily events down to the individual button click from any site, mobile app or internal server. Then send the data directly to your warehouse and dig in.

Track everything

Creating exceptional user experiences is a competitive necessity. Add a customizable tracking service to register every click, signup, login, submission, download, swipe and share.

Zero infrastructure required

Our data collector scales to billions of events per day and automatically retains a secure backup. We can easily reload your events if your warehouse is ever compromised.

Centralize your raw event data

We make it simple to deploy complex, scalable event collection systems. Fivetran manages the systems and delivers the endpoints you need.


Effortless event collection

Our toolkit makes it easy to replicate data from any source with outgoing messaging capability.

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Events from thousands of applications

Fivetran can collect data from any application that sends it via webhooks or event service.

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Connectors for every data source.

Request Connector

Don’t see a data source you need? We add new connectors based on customer requests.

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Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.