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Extra! Extra! Finland news conglomerate Kaleva Media forges a data-driven culture.

The Takeaway:

Kaleva Media achieves data insights about its advertising, readership and employee performance by using a modern data stack fueled by Fivetran data connectors. Their rapid move to a data driven culture had an immediate impact.

Kaleva data stack

Data pipeline: Fivetran Data Warehouse: Snowflake Business Intelligence Tool: Tableau

Kaleva Media produces several newspapers and city journals in Finland. With the addition of digital media Kaleva is breaking out from its traditional business models. As Markku Mäenpää, the groups new data architect describes it, "Our new strategy is to get a digital business up and flying." and to drive this growth through data insights.

Data centralization that just works

Before Kaleva embraced the Fivetran-Snowflake-Tableau combination, there wasn't any scalable visualization of data at the group, he says. "We had some point-to-point business intelligence solutions, but the data and understanding wasn't really shared. We had a little bit of Google Analytics and Data Studio but no data warehouse and there was no transparency of the data. We were manually producing some marketing numbers. This is all changing."

The Fivetran data connectors Mäenpää chose for his data-platform include CSV Uploader, AdWords, Facebook Ads Insights, Google Analytics, Snowplow, SQL Server, Doubleclick for Publishers, Google sheets and he expects to use many more in the future.

"Advertising is our lifeblood and Fivetran offers connectors for the majority of the best advertising networks," Mäenpää says. Fivetran offers a wealth of, and growing number of off-the-shelf application, file, event, and database data connectors that are easy to set up.

"Fivetran was easy to use. Everything worked as assumed."

"It was the closest of all options to truly having data integration as a service. You don't have to spend much time working with the product and instead you can focus on the business and get data to decision makers."

Hassle-free data warehouse

What's more, he says, both Snowflake and Fivetran "are quite simple and straightforward to get up and running. The company doesn't have to be dependent on me for the services to function."

"I don't want to maintain anything myself. It's not that i'm lazy. I'm building an infrastructure that is easy to maintain, easy to pass on to somebody else if required. One of the best parts about it is that Snowflake is a really, really hassle-free data warehouse. Also, Snowflake has the separation of storage and compute." This means that costs can be controlled while at the same time achieving optimum performance on queries. Increasing compute capacity is instantaneous and you only pay for what you use.

With Kaleva Media’s new Fivetran data flow and Snowflake data warehouse, Mäenpää says he has achieved the time to market speed he would not otherwise achieved. The team resources can be used to bring business benefits instead of scaling up servers and frameworks.

"I couldn't imagine a more affordable way of getting data into a warehouse than Fivetran."

Data drives a change in culture and performance

When switching to a data driven culture "We had a struggles. There was resistance to change as there always is for approaches that deviate for accustomed ways," Mäenpää says. ”But this is changing and we're now more and more embracing data driven decisions over our hunches and partially informed opinions."

Kaleva is now able use Tableau to see in depth insights into its advertising, readership and employee performance, he says.. "It's quite a huge improvement to employee wellbeing, motivation and efficiency. When data wasn't visualized. Everybody did the best with the tools they had with little data transparency.”

Kaleva's journalists are empowered by Tableau dashboards, Mäenpää says, "they are able to visualize what kind of articles and subject matters drive readers."

"Now there's more insights into the business and customers. We can make better decisions because we have more sophisticated information faster. We believe happy employees create satisfied customers. By alleviating tedious work and manual reporting, this gets you a lot of happy employees," Mäenpää says.

With so much data at his fingertips Mäenpää is helping Kaleva achieve the vision of a truly “digital business up and flying."

About Fivetran and Snowflake:

Fivetran delivers data into your Snowflake Data Warehouse in minutes not months through Snowflake’s Partner Connect.

The Fivetran team is available to present a demo of our service, and provide a free trial.

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