Simple, reliable data integration for analytics teams

Focus on analytics, not engineering. Our prebuilt connectors deliver analysis-ready schemas and adapt to source changes automatically.

Join the 1,000+ companies using Fivetran to centralize their data

Leave the engineering to us

Fivetran automates data integration from source to destination, providing data your team can analyze immediately.

Keep your team focused on analysis

Built with analysts in mind, our connectors allow data teams to concentrate on asking the right questions.

Prebuilt connectors

Ready-to-query schemas

Use thoughtful, research-driven schemas and ERDs for all your sources.

Automated schema migrations

Save resources with connectors that automatically adapt to schema and API changes.

Fully managed data integration

Reduce technical debt with scalable connectors managed from source to destination.

SQL-based transformations

Model your business logic in any destination using SQL, the industry standard.

Incremental batch updates

Change data capture delivers incremental updates for all your sources.

Getting started with Fivetran is simple

You can set up our connectors in as little as five minutes.

See how analytics teams use Fivetran

Start analyzing your data in minutes, not months

Launch any Fivetran connector instantly.

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